IT coworking in Minsk
Every week we receive letters from film studios asking us to shoot films. But this is not a movie: this is how we live and offer you to join us.
Equipped Seats
High-end Herman Miller chairs and Cisco IT infrastructure
Microclimate Control
Modern ventilation and air conditioning system
Spacious Kitchens
Cook or heat
Parking for transport
Lots for cars, bicycles and scooters
Access Control
Access Control with face recognition, access 24x7
Relax area, massage room, barbershop, boutique hotel
Own restaurant
Restaurant with food delivery to the floor and summer grill
Three Thousand Square Meters
Space and Freedom
Optimal Zoning
Comfort and Luxury Design
Metal, wood, concrete, copper, brass, forging, and glass are used in the interior
Live Vines Instead of Walls,
Escher Stained Glass, Gaudi Style
160 Lithographs by Salvador Dali
Common Things
And Rare Items
Ideal Proportions
Extraordinary Details
Zones to chillout
And to Work with Comfort
The environment attracts the people
Is not it true?
We are Trusted by
Microclimate Control Systems
Equipped Kitchens
Glass Meeting Rooms
Spacious Dressing Rooms
Parking inside the building
Own Restaurant with Food Delivery to the Floor
Summer Bar and Terrace
Premium Sanitary Ware
Shower Rooms
Well-known IT Brands Nearby
The campus is isolated from noisy streets
Newspapers Write About us
"The clay bricks from Holland covering the walls. The programmers are sitting in armchairs from Herman Miller"
"The office of the IT company, which we will talk about today, breaks all the stereotypes about the life of programmers"
"Synesis announced the launch of Takeoff coworking, which stands out against the other proposals in Belarus by offering a full corporate infrastructure"
"There are 52 flowers in total on each floor, and florists look after them regularly including at night"
Book your Coworking Space
+375 (17) 240-36-50
Minsk, Platonova, 20B
("Letitbe" LLC, UNP 191904275)